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Why the Make It Happen Journal?

Under my name, you will find the words “Make it Happen!” Many people around me wonder how I can make so many things happen: from running my marketing firm and a non-profit to writing, speaking, and being with my family. No, I don’t magically have more than 24 hours in a day, and I’m not frantically juggling all these things. In fact, I’m excited and open for the NEXT thing that comes my way. But yes, it did become necessary to hone a system that helps me to be as effective and as focused as possible. In my journal, amidst notes from meetings, drawings and ideas, there are sketches of daily plans. These tie into a weekly plan which directly relates to my long term goals.


Making the best use of my time was a trial and error journey where I definitely learned from others in classes and workshops. But, as they say, “Necessity is the mother of invention.” My schedule became so complex, and there was so much demand for my time, that I couldn’t risk not tackling the week without a plan. So now, I sit down every Sunday—before things start happening--and figure out what I need and want to accomplish that week. I’ve recently made a template that I have started to share with others. The feedback has been very positive, and I’m anxious to put it out there for you.


The Weekly Planner page allows me to list my meetings and commitments for each day of the week. It also encourages me to ask myself What do I need to make it successful?  Then, I go to my Daily Productivity Plan where I make a list of what I call Action Items, and directly across from each one, there is space to note Quick Follow Ups. These can be as simple as “confirm with email.” But it gives me that extra push to make sure I’m doing what it takes to complete that goal. Sometimes I can knock out 20 things in 20 minutes. Other days, there are quite a few things that are left undone on the list. Those just help me prioritize my next day’s list.


Don’t worry! It’s not just tasks. At the bottom of the page is room to put down Creative Ideas, make note of particular Accomplishments and Lessons Learned. Our brains need room to breathe, stretch and play. Of course, I provide an extra page to just write and draw whatever you need to.


Also, instead of hastily jotting down a name and an email, there are pages for Strategic Contacts where we’re prompted to also note the Company name, Possibilities I See and Next Steps to proceed and grow with this person.

The Make it Happen Journal

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"The Make it Happen Journal helps me stay organized. It prepares me for each week and sets me up for success."


- Andrea Mattea

Field Marketing Manager at Ashley HomeStore Retail Headquarters



"The Make it Happen Journal is a total lifesaver for productivity and planning my days for success. It's easy to use and customize for my own planning style. With the multiple deadlines and projects I have going on at once, this journal is the perfect way for me to keep track of everything in a central location with the gratification of watching my to-do's get done. I highly recommend this journal to anyone looking to better manage their deadlines and priorities and see success with time management!"


- Ashley Mayer

Lead Mission Manager, JJR Marketing

"I use the Make it Happen Journal every week to help me keep track of my various projects. I know that I can go directly to the page that I made for that week and all the information is at my fingertips. There’s also a great section to write in contacts which I like very much because it’s like having an instant Rolodex. This journal is an essential tool to write about projects or ideas you have in mind but never found a place to put them down."


- Marie Lazzara

Public Relations Manager, JJR Marketing



"The Make it Happen Journal has been an incredible tool for me to stay organized. Before I did not have a set method of completing tasks but the Make it Happen Journal has helped me separate all my tasks and action items for the week and day. It also helps me keep track of creative ideas I have and accomplishments I have daily. I would recommend it to anyone who is trying to make anything happen and for people that struggle with organization!"


-Claudia Martinez


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