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The Crusaders Comic Book

Can a group of 7 real life super heroes defeat a world of drug peddlers, bullies, and dream suckers?


When a group of drug peddlers, bullies, and dream suckers band together to enshroud the world in darkness, a group of seven real-life super heroes will have to overcome their own inhibitions, learn how to work together, and ultimately accept their role in life as Crusaders if they’re going to save the world from certain destruction.


The Crusaders comic will be targeted to both kids and kids at heart looking for a combination of inspiration and entertainment. Written for 5th grade and up, the comic will be at least 80 pages. The main theme of the comic is that we can all be everyday superheroes. By fictionalizing and capitalizing on these everyday superheroes and their powers we get to see what's possible!  Themes the Crusaders might face may include: accepting physical disabilities, accepting cultural differences, overcoming obstacles, appreciating learning differences, dealing with bullying, eliminating gangs and violence, setting and achieving goals, and surviving illness. The book will be 6.69" X 9.61", softcover (except the limited release rewards) and a minimum of 80 pages. The intended retail price will be 16.95 for print and 8.99 for digital. The comic will be printed in North America.

ISBN: 978-1939418647

Publication Date: August, 2014

Category: Children/Motivational

Page Count: 80

Publisher: RTC Publishing

Language: English